Senthil Arivudainambi


08 May, 2020

My past time the last few hours has been switching through the various live webcam feeds on and checking if I can catch a glimpse of smoke or the various fires that are burning up in California right now.

The above video was taken two days ago by one of the webcams located south of Boulder Creek, California. You can see the CZU Ligtning Complex fire creeping up and eventually destroy it.

Here are few interesting feeds:

I have also been staring at this which I belive uses satellite to detect the boundaries of the fires. As you can see, a lot of Norther California is burning. The closest fire at the moment is the SCU fire, about 10 miles south of my current location. Good news for people north of the fires like me is the wind is blowing south west. Bad news for everyone south of the fire.

Thank you to The University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), University of California San Diego (UCSD), and the University of Oregon (UO) which run ALERTWildfire and the various sponors of the webcams.